MnPaw 2014 Conference & Collaboration to be held September 28th at Animal Humane Society, Golden Valley, MN.

Download Brochure and Registration Form:  MnPAW Conference Brochure 2014



The Tri-County Humane Society is part of MnPaw.

MnPAW is a coalition of animal welfare organizations throughout Minnesota who are committed to working together to aid animals in our State. They believe that by joining forces they can make a greater impact on reducing euthanasia of adoptable animals. MnPAW members include:

Animal Allies Humane Society, Animal Humane Society, Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet, Minneapolis Animal Control (*pending), Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project, Pet Haven Inc of Minnesota, RAGOM - Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota, Saint Paul Animal Control (*pending), Tri-County Humane Society.


How did MnPAW start?

Leaders from Pet Haven of Minnesota and Animal Humane Society met in early 2009 to explore building a coalition of animal organizations to work toward a shared goal of reducing euthanasia rates in Minnesota. They believe that a core requirement for a successful coalition is working together in a positive, collaborative, respectful manner while focusing on common ground and shared goals. They had heard from other animal welfare leaders and recognized the need and the opportunity to engage a variety of participants to begin a conversation about the mission, values, and goals of an inclusive animal welfare coalition in Minnesota.

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